General information#

NGN Cloud allows you to assign individual tags to resources.

Tags enable you to classify cloud resources by function, environment, or importance for systems. This helps you manage dozens of identical cloud resources.

A tag consists of a key and optional value, which you assign to a resource. You can use NGN Cloud web interface and EC2 API to create and edit tags.


  • Each resource may have up to 50 tags.

  • Tag key may contain up to 127 Unicode characters (UTF-8)

  • Tag value may contain up to 255 Unicode characters (UTF-8)

  • Tag keys and values are case-sensitive

  • You may use UTF-8 letters, numbers and spaces, as well as the following characters: + - =. _: / @

  • Tag key should not begin with aws:

Resource tagging#

Currently, in the NGN Cloud web interface, you can tag instances, volumes, VPCs, subnets, network interfaces, snapshots, security groups, and Elastic IPs.

You can tag existing resources and set tags for new resources when you create them, filter resources by a tag, delete, and also view tags on the resource page or display tags in the table.

Adding tags#

You can add tags in several ways:

  1. When creating a resource

  2. On the resource page

Adding tags when creating a resource#

Some dialog boxes allow you to tag resources when you create them. For example, you can specify a tag value for the Name key at Parameters step, as well as specify your own tags at Tags step in the dialog windowss of instance and volume creation.

To add a tag in the creation dialog window, click Add, set key-value pairs, and go to the next step.

Add a tag on the resource page#

To add a tag, switch to the Tags tab on the resource page. Press Add tag and enter a tag key and a tag value.


If a new tag you want to add has the same key as an existing tag, then the new tag will overwrite the existing tag.

Editing a tag#

You can edit resource tags at any time.

You can edit tag key and value on the Tags tab or use quick edit option to edit tag value in a resource table.

To edit tag value in the table, click edit icon next to the text field you want to change.

Deleting a tag#

To delete a tag, switch to Tags tab on the resource page.

Show tags in a table#

To add a column to show all tags with the same key, click icon on the right of a search bar.

Drag and drop blocks from Tags column to the visible table columns. You can use this method to show or hide columns of resource tables, and manually reorder columns to display.

Filter resources by tags#

You can filter the list of resources in a table by tag. To do so, go to the resource subsection and enter the required tag value in the search field.