Request to describe one or more launch templates.

Request Parameters#

  • Filter.N — One or more filters.

    • Type: Filter object

    • Required: No

  • LaunchTemplateId.N — Launch template IDs.

    • Type: Array of strings

    • Required: No

  • LaunchTemplateName.N — Launch template names.

    • Type: Array of strings

    • Required: No

    • Length constraints: from 3 to 255 characters

Supported Filters#

  • create-time — The time at which the launch template was created.

  • launch-template-name — The name of a launch template.

  • tag-key — The tag key. Such a filter allows you to get resources with the specified key and any value.

  • tag:<tag-key> — The key/value a pair of a tag. The tag key is passed in the filter name, while the tag value is used as the filter value.

Response Elements#

  • launchTemplates — Information about launch templates.

  • requestId — The request ID

    • Type: String


c2-ec2 DescribeLaunchTemplates

c2-ec2 DescribeLaunchTemplates LaunchTemplateName.1 test