Describes an Auto Scaling Group (ASG).


  • AutoScalingGroupName — The name of the ASG.

    • Type: String

  • CreatedTime — The date and time when the ASG was created.

    • Type: Timestamp

  • DefaultCooldown — The time (in seconds) after which the next activity can start. Used as the default value for the Cooldown parameter when creating/updating policies in this ASG. For SimpleScaling policies only.

    • Type: Integer

  • DesiredCapacity — The desired capacity of the ASG.

    • Type: Integer

  • HealthCheckGracePeriod — The time (in seconds) after which ASG can perform a health check on its instances.

    • Type: Integer

  • Instances — List of instances in ASG.

  • LaunchTemplate — The launch template for the group.

  • MaxSize — The maximum capacity of the ASG.

    • Type: Integer

  • MinSize — The minimal capacity of the ASG.

    • Type: Integer

  • NewInstancesProtectedFromScaleIn — Indicates whether new instances are protected from deletion when ASG is scaled in.

    • Type: Boolean

  • Status — The status of the ASG when it is deleted.

    • Type: String

  • VPCZoneIdentifier — The IDs of the subnets in which instances will be created.

    • Type: String

  • TerminationPolicies — List of criteria to select instances for deletion when their number has to be reduced. The criteria will be applied in the order in which they are listed.

    • Type: Array of strings

    • Valid value: OldestInstance | NewestInstance | OldestLaunchTemplate