External networks#

General information#

You can colocate your equipment in any NGN data center or lease a third-party communication channel and connect it to virtual infrastructure in the cloud.

What can be connected?

  • L2 channel to an office or equipment in a data center;

  • dedicated Internet channel from a provider.

The external connection provides L2 connectivity between your physical infrastructure and a virtual network in NGN Cloud. Channel throughput is up to 10 Gbps.

The External networks section is displayed if the company’s physical equipment and networks are attached to NGN Cloud Platform.

Attache external network to a cloud#

To attach an external network to NGN Cloud, submit a request via the support portal or email it to support@ngn.com.tr. In the request, specify the physical equipment location, required throughput, and subnet or virtual switch to which you are going to attach an external network.

After processing the request, our engineers will contact you for additional information. The service is provided according to your service plan if there is a technical possibility.

External network attachment/detachment#

After engineers connect your equipment to the cloud equipment, external networks will be available in the web interface. An external network can be attached to a subnet or virtual switch only if they are in the same availability zone as the company’s equipment.

To attach an external network to any subnet or virtual switch, click Attach. You can detach an external network at any time.