Returns the list of names of node groups associated with the specified Kubernetes cluster.

Request Syntax#

GET /clusters/name/node-groups?maxResults=maxResults&nextToken=nextToken HTTP/1.1

URI Request Parameters#

The request uses the following URI parameters.

  • maxResults — The maximum number of names of node groups whose descriptions are returned by ListNodegroups in paginated output.

    • Required: No

    • Type: Integer

    • Value range: Min — 1. Max — 100.

    • Default value: 100

  • name — The name of the cluster for which the list of names of node groups is wanted.

    • Type: String

    • Required: Yes

  • NextTokenNextToken returned by a previous call (see Response Elements).

    • Type: String

    • Required: No

Request Parameters#

Request body is absent.

Response Syntax#

HTTP/1.1 200
Content-type: application/json

   "nextToken": "string",
   "nodegroups": [ "string" ]

Response Elements#

If the request is executed successfully, API will return an HTTP response with 200 code. The response contains the following data in JSON format.

  • NextToken — The token is returned only when the response cannot hold all the node group names that meet the criteria. To receive further data, the returned value must be passed as the NextToken parameter in the same request.

    • Type: String

  • nodegroups— A list of all node group names associated with the specified cluster.

    • Type: List of strings


To manage Kubernetes clusters in NGN Cloud via API, you should install the customized version of the boto3 library:

boto3 CROC Cloud boto3 Client
import boto3

session = boto3.Session(

eks_client = session.client(

c2-eks CROC Cloud API Client
c2-eks ListNodegroups clusterName production
aws eks --endpoint list-nodegroups --cluster-name production