Describing the volume export tasks.

Request Parameters#

  • ExportTaskId — The IDs of the export volume tasks.

    • Type: Array of strings

    • Required: No

Response Elements#

  • exportTaskSet

    • description — The description of the task.

    • exportTaskId —The ID of the export volume task.

    • exportToS3Task

      • diskImageFormat — The format of the image.

      • s3Bucket — The user bucket where the exported image will be uploaded.

      • s3Key — The S3 key name for the destination image.

    • progress — The export progress for the volume.

    • state — The current state of the task.

    • statusMessage — The description of the status.

    • volumeId — The ID of the exported volume.


c2-ec2 DescribeExportVolumeTasks ExportTaskId <export_volume_task_id>