Sets a unique autonomous system number (ASN) for a VPC. This method will help avoid conflicts of unique ASNs when creating VPN connections between different VPCs. Valid ASN values are from 64412 to 65534 inclusive, as well as 32-bit values from 4200000000 to 4294967294.

If the VPC contains resources (instances, VPN connections, etc.), you need to contact support to update the ASN correctly. If you try to update the ASN for such VPC, an error will return with the appropriate message.

Request Parameters#

  • Asn — The unique autonomous system number (ASN).

    • Type: String

    • Required: Yes

    • Valid values: 64412—65534, 4200000000—4294967294

  • VpcId — The ID of the VPC.

    • Type: String

    • Required: Yes

Response Elements#

  • requestId — The request ID

    • Type: String

  • returnTrue is returned if the request succeeds, and an error otherwise

    • Type: Boolean


c2-ec2 SetBgpAsn VpcId vpc-1234ABCD Asn 65513