S3Express is a Windows command-line utility to view, query, upload, and make copies of files in object storage. Here, we have described how to install, configure, and use S3Express to work with NGN Cloud object storage.

Installing S3Express#

Before installation, get API access settings in the NGN Cloud management console. Click the user login in the top right corner, select Profile Get API access settings.

S3Express utility is distributed as an executable file and is compatible with all Windows versions. You can download the latest version from the official download page. It does not require any additional libraries or software to run.

Configuring S3Express#

You need to configure S3Express first. This instruction only needs to be executed once, and S3Express will remember it for future runs.

You can find your EC2_ACCESS_KEY and EC2_SECRET_KEY values in the previously saved file with API access settings.

Start S3Express and run the following commands:

setopt -endpoint:s3.cloud.ngn.com.tr
setopt -region:ngn
setopt -useV4sign:on

Using S3Express#

To start uploading files, run the command:

put local_file mybucket

The page contains a complete list of all S3Express commands and features.