Virtual switches#

General information#

Virtual switches allow you to connect instances in different VPCs. By default, a virtual switch provides only L2 connectivity, so you need to configure IP addresses for network interfaces of instances.

Virtual switches have no access to other networks, including the Internet. Similar to subnets, virtual switches are created within the availability zone specified when the virtual switch is created.

Virtual switch:

  • provides L2 connectivity between instances;

  • can be attached to/detached from instances without shutting them down (this feature should be supported by OS);

  • has no connectivity with other networks;

  • no IP-address space management;

  • instances from various VPCs can be attached;

  • you can attach external networks to a subnet;

  • no firewall;

  • no Internet connection.

Creating a virtual switch#

To create a new virtual switch, click Create.

Optionally, you can specify the availability zone in which you want to create a virtual switch. If you do not specify the availability zone during creation, NGN Cloud will automatically select it.

Deleting a virtual switch#

You can delete a virtual switch if no instance, network interface, or external network is attached.

Select the switch and click Delete. The switch will be deleted after your confirmation.

Operations with network interfaces#

The Network interfaces tab lists all the network interfaces created in this virtual switch.

For more information on network interface operations, please see Network Interfaces.