SSH keys#

NGN Cloud supports SSH-key authentication. This method provides a higher level of security and, in many situations, is more convenient for accessing instances than traditional password entry.

The cloud stores the public key and allows users to store the private key on the local computer. You can also create your own key pair using any key generation tool and upload the public key to the cloud.


NGN Cloud uses 2048-bit RSA keys.

Create a key#

To create a new one or upload your own SSH-key pair, click Create. Specify required parameters and click Create. Your browser will download the private key. Save it in a secure place.


SSH-key name must include Roman letters and numbers.

Deleting a key#

To delete the SSH public key, click Delete. Unfortunately, deleted SSH-keys cannot be restored.


When deleting a key pair in the NGN Cloud, you delete only the public key.

You cannot start a new instance using a deleted key pair, but you can still connect to the instances you started using the deleted SSH key pair.

Changing SSH key#

Modify SSH key field on the Information tab of the instance page to assign a new SSH key to the instance.


This operation adds a new key each time a key is changed but old key is not removed. Reboot an instance for changes to take effect.