Request to create a transit gateway. You can use a transit gateway to establish a connection between VPCs. After you create a transit gateway, you can attach your VPCs to it via transit gateway attachments.

Request Parameters#

  • Description — A description of the transit gateway.

    • Required: No

    • Type: String

    • Length constraints: Up to 255 ASCII characters

  • Options — Transit gateway options.

  • TagSpecification.N — Tags assigned to the transit gateway to be created.

Response Elements#

  • requestId — The request ID

    • Type: String

  • transitGateway — Information about the transit gateway.


c2-ec2 CreateTransitGateway Options.DefaultRouteTableAssociation enable TagSpecification.0.ResourceType \
                 transit-gateway TagSpecification.0.Tag.0.Key tag_key TagSpecification.0.Tag.0.Value tag_value

c2-ec2 CreateTransitGateway Options.SharedOwners.0 user@company