Placement groups#

General information#

A placement group is a group of instances distributed across multiple physical compute nodes in one or more availability zones.

The use of placement groups guarantees that one of the duplicated instances will be available to user if a physical computing node in a data center fails.

You can run max five instances in a placement group per availability zone. For example, you can run 15 instances in a group in three availability zones (five instances per availability zone). If you attempt to start a sixth instance in the same placement group and the same availability zone, the instance will not start.

To create, change or delete placement groups, use NGN Cloud web interface or API.

Creating a placement group#

To create a placement group, enter its name and click Create. The created group will become available for selection when you create or change an instance.

Select/change a placement group#

You can start an instance in a placement group or change the placement group in which the instance is located in one of the following ways:

  • Specify the placement group in the instance creation wizard.

  • Move the stopped instance from one placement group to another. To do this, go to the instance page, navigate to the Information tab, and edit the Placement group field.

  • Remove the instance from the placement group.


You can edit or delete a placement group for stopped instances only.

Deleting a placement group#

To remove a placement group, make sure it contains no instances. You can stop all instances running in a placement group, move them to another placement group, or remove them from the group.

Select the placement group and click Delete.