ModifyVolume (advanced)#


Modifying parameters of a given virtual volume, including its type.

Request Parameters#

Required parameters#

  • VolumeId — The ID of the volume

    • Type: String

    • Required: Yes

Optional parameters#

  • VolumeType — The type of the volume.

    • Type: String

    • Required: No

    • Valid values: st2 | gp2 | io2

    • Default value: Current volume type

  • Iops — The number of I/O operations per second.

  • Size — The size of the volume, in GiB.

    • Type: Integer

    • Required: No

    • Constraints: The value must be greater than or equal to the current size of the volume. For more information about available volume sizes see the Volumes section

Response Elements#

  • requestId — The request ID

    • Type: String

  • volumeModification — VolumeModification object.


c2-ec2 ModifyVolume VolumeId vol-01234567 Size 40

c2-ec2 ModifyVolume VolumeId vol-01234567 VolumeType io2