Cloud services ensure rapid deployment of virtual infrastructure and applications through the use of a proprietary cloud platform based on NGN data centers and featuring three Availability Zones.

Virtual Machines and Volumes

Scalable high-availability and high-performance computing resources


High-speed, high-availability and secure network environment for application and service deployment

Auto Scaling Groups

Auto Scaling Groups to support changing workload

Load balancing

Automatic distribution of incoming traffic among the instances of a target group

Transit gateways

Traffic routing between VPCs, including VPCs in projects of other companies


Administration of public and private DNS zones and resource records within them

Object Storage

Scalable storage for unstructured data, compatible with Amazon S3 API

Kubernetes Clusters

Easy and fast deployment and management of Kubernetes clusters with the support of additional services


A set of platform services for rapid cloud deployment of DBMS and other complex software systems


Real-time control over cloud resources and their parameters

Activity Log

Keeping history of all API calls made by users

Users and Projects (IAM)

Project and user creation, role assignment, and access and alert setup


Classifying cloud resources to simplify management of resources of the same type


Tariff information, subscription management, report generation, and subscription to billing events


Managed backup to an object storage