Installation and configuration#

Download and install Postman that matches your target OS and CPU architecture.

To start using Postman, you need to get API access settings. Open the cloud management console. Go to the profile settings and click Get API access settings.

Create environment by specifying your secretKey and accessKey corresponding to similar options in the API access settings.


To work with the NGN Cloud collection, select Link when importing and specify a link to the EC2 collection or the EKS. Postman automatically generated the documentation for NGN Cloud API. It can be found under the link for EC2 or for EKS.

Usage example#

If the collection was imported correctly, sample requests will be displayed in the left part of Postman window. The requests are divided into subject domains according to the main documentation.


Before executing a request, check that the parameters are sorted alphabetically.

Let’s use instance creation as an example:

Call the DescribeSubnets method to display available subnets.


A list of available images is also required to start an instance.

After required information is obtained, run RunInstances.