CROC Cloud API Client

To work with various CROC Cloud API you can use the the following from the c2-client package:

  • c2-ec2 - command-line client for EC2 API;
  • c2-cw - command-line client for CloudWatch API;

Installation and usage on Windows

  • Download and run the installer: c2-ec2-0.1.2-win32.msi.

  • Download the settings file for network access (Virtual datacenter management console -> Settings -> Get settings for API access)

  • Instead of the text quoted in the variable C2_PROJECT substitute your project ID (find in the console selector projects)

  • Convert a settings file for use on Windows environment. You should open cmd and run the command:

    C:\> c2rc-convert path\to\ path\to\c2rc.bat
  • Export environment variables:

    C:\> call path\to\c2rc.bat
  • Thereafter you can use c2-ec2.exe according to the documentation. For example:

    C:\> c2-ec2 DescribeAvailabilityZones

Installation on GNU/Linux

For using CROC Cloud API you should use the custom Boto library python-boto.

  • RHEL 6/CentOS 6:

    [user@host ~]$ sudo wget \
     -O /etc/yum.repos.d/c2devel-c2-sdk-epel-6.repo
    [user@host ~]$ sudo yum install python-boto c2-client
  • RHEL 7/CentOS 7:

    [user@host ~]$ sudo wget \
     -O /etc/yum.repos.d/c2devel-c2-sdk-epel-7.repo
    [user@host ~]$ sudo yum install python-boto c2-client
  • Fedora >= 22:

    • Via DNF package manager:

      [user@host ~]$ dnf copr enable c2devel/c2-sdk
      [user@host ~]$ dnf install python-boto c2-client
    • Via YUM package manager:

      [user@host ~]$ sudo yum clean all; sudo yum update yum-utils
      [user@host ~]$ sudo yum copr enable c2devel/c2-sdk
      [user@host ~]$ sudo yum install python-boto c2-client
  • Via PIP:

    [user@host ~]$ sudo pip install -e git+
    [user@host ~]$ sudo pip install c2client
  • Via PIP and virtualenv (no root needed)

    [user@host ~]$ virtualenv .venv
    [user@host ~]$ source .venv/bin/activate
    (.venv) [user@host ~]$ pip install -e git+
    (.venv) [user@host ~]$ pip install c2client