CROC Cloud API Client#


To work with CROC Cloud API Client you need Python 3 ≥ 3.4

To work with various NGN Cloud API, you can use the utilities from the c2-client package:

The package includes the following utilities:

  • c2-as — a client for Auto Scaling API;

  • c2-bs — client to Backup API;

  • c2-ct — command-line client for CloudTrail API;

  • c2-cw — command-line client for CloudWatch API;

  • c2-ec2 — command-line client for EC2 API;

  • c2-eks — command-line client for the EKS API;

  • c2-paas — command-line client for PaaS API;

  • c2-elb — command-line client for the Elastic Load Balancing API;

  • c2-route53 — command-line client for Route53 API;

  • c2rc-convert — utility for converting settings to be used in Windows.

To manage resources in NGN Cloud via API, you should use the customized version of the python-boto and python-boto3 libraries.


All operation systems#

bjecpip install git+
pip install git+
pip install git+
pip install c2client


Get API access settings in the NGN Cloud management console. Click the user login in the top right corner, select Profile Get API access settings.

In the C2_PROJECT variable, specify your project ID.

Add the settings you have got to environment variables:

  • For Windows, convert the settings file and export environment variables:

    C:\> c2rc-convert path\to\ path\to\c2rc.bat
    C:\> call path\to\c2rc.bat
  • For Linux, export environment variables:

    source path/to/

Now you can use the utilities according to documentation. For example:

c2-ec2 DescribeAvailabilityZones
c2-eks DescribeCluster name backend_production