Describes external networks.

Request Parameters#

  • ExtNetName — The name of the external network.

    • Type: Array of strings

    • Required: No

  • Filter.N — One or more filters.

    • Type: String

    • Required: No

Supported Filters#

  • network-id — The IDs of virtual switches and/or subnets.

Response Elements#

  • extNetSet — List of external networks.

    • Type: List of ExtNet objects

  • requestId — The request ID

    • Type: String


c2-ec2 DescribeExtNetworks

c2-ec2 DescribeExtNetworks ExtNetName.1 <ext-net-name>

c2-ec2 DescribeExtNetworks ExtNetName.1 <ext-net-name-1> ExtNetName.2 <ext-net-name-2>

c2-ec2 DescribeExtNetworks Filter.1.Name <filter-name> Filter.1.Value.1 <filter-value>