Network map#

A network map allows you to visualize the network infrastructure for projects in the NGN Cloud. It will be useful, for example, to analyze the network architecture, taking inventory of resources, and preparing documentation and presentations.

The network topology of the selected project is displayed in the main area of the map. The main area is used for viewing and editing the network map and can be saved as a graphic file in PNG format.


Instances in the Stopped state are not displayed on the map.

You can switch between VPCs and Availability Zones using the filters in the action panel. For a better visual perception, you can use the Show zone colors flag to enable color highlighting of elements in different availability zones.

You can use buttons to the right of the map for map zooming. You can also zoom the map using your mouse or keyboard. To navigate the map, use the buttons in the left part of the map or use your keyboard or mouse. To restore the default view and scale, click the respective button.

You can build both detailed and compact maps. To make the map more compact, group the instances. You can activate this option and specify the minimum number of instances to be grouped with the help of the Group instances if more than flag.

To view information about an element, please hover your mouse over it. Double-clicking on an element allows you to go to its page. Double-clicking on an instance group displays a more detailed scheme of this group. To return to the converged view, double-click on any empty area of the map.

You can arrange the elements on the map as you like. To do this, hold the selected element with the left mouse button and move it around the main area.

The current representation of network topology can be saved as a graphic file in PNG format. To do this, click Save. When a project changes, the map will be automatically updated so that at any time, you will see the current topology of the network in the cloud.


When the page is refreshed, or you switch to another section of the menu, positions of the elements placed by the user manual will be lost – the map is automatically converted to its original view. If you need your own version of the map, save it as a PNG image.