Gets information about the scaling activities.

Request Parameters#

  • ActivityIds — List of activity IDs.

    • Type: Array of strings

    • Required: No

  • AutoScalingGroupName — The name of the Auto Scaling Group, to which the activities refer.

    • Type: String

    • Required: No

  • IncludeDeletedGroups — Indicates whether to include scaling activities from deleted Auto Scaling Groups in response.

    • Type: Boolean

    • Required: No

    • Default value: False

  • MaxRecords — The maximum number of activities returned.

    • Type: Integer

    • Required: No

    • Default value: 100

    • Maximum value: 100

  • NextTokenNextToken returned by a previous call (see Response Elements).

    • Required: No

    • Type: String

Response Elements#

  • Activities — List of the activities.

  • NextToken — The token is returned only when the response cannot contain all the activities that meet the criteria. To retrieve further data, the returned value must be passed as a NextToken parameter in the same request.

    • Type: String


c2-as DescribeScalingActivities
c2-as DescribeScalingActivities MaxRecords 5 NextToken <next_token>
c2-as DescribeScalingActivities ActivityIds.1 <activity_id>
c2-as DescribeScalingActivities AutoScalingGroupName "asg_name" IncludeDeletedGroups True