Request to get the list of all existing transit gateway attachments and their descriptions. One or more filters by transit gateway attachment parameters can be applied.

Request Parameters#

  • Filter.N — One or more filters.

    • Type: List of Filter objects

    • Required: No

  • TransitGatewayAttachmentIds.N — IDs of the transit gateway attachments.

    • Type: Array of strings

    • Required: No

Supported Filters#

  • resource-id — The resource ID.

  • resource-owner-id — The ID of the resource owner.

  • resource-type — The type of the resource.

  • state — Transit gateway attachment state (pending | available | deleting | failed).

  • transit-gateway-attachment-id — The ID of the transit gateway attachment.

  • transit-gateway-id — The ID of the transit gateway.

  • transit-gateway-owner-id — The ID of the transit gateway owner.

Response Elements#

  • requestId — The request ID

    • Type: String

  • transitGatewayAttachments — Set of the transit gateway attachments.


c2-ec2 DescribeTransitGatewayAttachments

c2-ec2 DescribeTransitGatewayAttachments Filter.0.Name state Filter.0.Value available

c2-ec2 DescribeTransitGatewayAttachments Filter.0.Name transit-gateway-id Filter.0.Value tgw-12345678