Describes one or more of your network interfaces. Interfaces can be filtered by their parameters.

Request Parameters#

  • NetworkInterfaceId.N — IDs of network interfaces.

    • Type: Array of strings

    • Required: No

  • Filter.N — One or more filters.

    • Type: List of Filter objects

    • Required: No

Supported Filters#

  • addresses.private-ip-addresses — The private IP addresses.

  • attachment.attachment-id — The attachment interface ID.

  • attachment.instance-id — The ID of the instance the network interface is attached to.

  • availability-zone — The name of the availability zone.

  • description — The description of the network interface.

  • mac-address — The MAC address of the network interface.

  • network-interface-id — The ID of the network interface.

  • private-ip-address — The private IP address.

  • source-dest-check — Indicates whether source/destination check is enabled.

  • status — The status of the network interface.

  • subnetId — The ID of the subnet.

  • switchId — The ID of the virtual switch.

  • vpc-id — The ID of the VPC.

Response Elements#

  • networkInterfaceSet — List of network interfaces.

  • requestId — The request ID

    • Type: String


c2-ec2 DescribeNetworkInterfaces NetworkInterfaceId.0 eni-12345678

c2-ec2 DescribeNetworkInterfaces Filter.0.Name status Filter.0.Value.0 "available"