Request to delete one or more versions of a launch template. The default version of a launch template cannot be deleted, you must assign another default version first. If the default version is the only version for a launch template, you must delete the entire launch template using DeleteLaunchTemplate.

Request Parameters#

Required parameters#

  • LaunchTemplateId — The ID of the launch template.

    • Type: String

    • Required: Yes, if LaunchTemplateName is not supplied

  • LaunchTemplateName — The name of the launch template.

    • Type: String

    • Required: Yes, if LaunchTemplateId is not supplied

    • Length constraints: from 3 to 255 characters

  • LaunchTemplateVersion.N — The version numbers of one or more launch template versions to delete.

    • Type: Array of strings

    • Required: Yes

Response Elements#


c2-ec2 DeleteLaunchTemplateVersions LaunchTemplateName test LaunchTemplateVersion.1 1

c2-ec2 DeleteLaunchTemplateVersions LaunchTemplateId lt-12345678 LaunchTemplateVersion.1 2