Account setup

To modify your account, click Settings in the top right corner of the screen.

Changing your personal data

You can modify your personal data on Information menu.

To change your name (displayed in the working area of the management console), email address, and phone number, by entering new values in corresponding fields and then save changes.

In this section you can manage your email notification subscriptions. To unsubscribe from notifications on a certain subject, uncheck corresponding box. To unsubscribe from all notifications, uncheck the Receive notifications box.

Receiving API access settings

To receive settings for API access in .sh format, click Download API settings.

Changing API secret

To change API secret, click Change API secret.


After the key is changed, you will have to reconfigure all external applications.

Two-factor authentication

Use two-factor authentication to provide additional security for your account. You need to have an access to a tablet or smartphone with a two-factor authentication app installed.

Changing OTP secret

Click Change OTP secret to enable two-factor authentication. Confirm the action. Then open two-factor authentication app installed on your smartphone or tablet (e.g. Google Authenticator) and add your account by scanning QR code. In the setting OTP secret dialog window enter the password generated by the app and click Enable button.


The device with the app installed must use the time and time zone of the network!

From this moment, at each logging in to CROC Cloud you will have to enter one-time passwords generated by two-factor authentication app on your device.

Disabling OTP authentication

To return to single-factor authentication, click Revoke OTP authentication. Upon confirmation of the action the single-use password authentication will be disabled.