VPN connections section

To create a VPN connection between private cloud and customer gateway, the latter must be registered first. Route between virtual networks and private networks behind the customer gateway can be configured manually using route tables or BGP protocol.


Customer gateway registration

Click некартинка_18 button to register customer gateway.

When registering customer gateway, specify:

  • Gateway IP address;
  • Type (currently, only ipsec.1 type is supported);
  • BGP ASN – autonomous system number.

If no autonomous system is shared, then use a number from a private range (64512 — 65534). After the customer gateway is determined, you can create VPN connection.

Creating a VPN connection

Click некартинка_19 to create a VPN connection.


Setting customer gateway

To obtain customer gateway settings after VPN connection is created, click некартинка_20 button.

The settings can be generated in the following formats:

  • configuration for Cisco IOS version 12.4 and higher, RedHat Linux OpenS/WAN Quagga, and Linux OpenS/WAN Quagga;
  • text description with all Generic parameters.

Click некартинка_21 button to save the customer gateway settings in .cfg format on local PC.

Attention! The customer gateway should support IPsec and ipip tunnels!

Additional actions

Click More… to show a list of additional shared actions.


Deleting a VPN connection

Select “Delete VPN connection” to delete a connection between VPC and a customer gateway. VPN connection will be deleted after your confirmation.


Deleting a customer gateway

Select “Delete customer gateway” to delete a customer gateway. Attention! This function is available only for a gateway with no active VPN connection.