Virtual switches section

Virtual switches allow you to connect instances of different VPCs. By default, a virtual switch provides only L2 connectivity, so you need to configure IP-addresses for interfaces of instances by yourself. Virtual switches don’t have access to other networks, including the Internet. Virtual Switches are created inside Availability Zone. AZ can be supplied during Virtual Switch creation and can’t be changed in future.

Virtual switch:

  • provides L2 connectivity between instances;
  • can be attached to / detached from instances without their shutting down (this must be supported by OS);
  • no connectivity with other networks;
  • no IP-address space management;
  • instances from various VPCs can be attached;
  • you can attach external networks to a subnet;
  • no firewall;
  • no Internet connection.

Creating a virtual switch

Click button_1 to create a new virtual switch. In the dialog window enter a name of the virtual switch and confirm the action. Optionally, you can supply AZ, in which you want to create a Virtual Switch. In case you don’t supply AZ, the Cloud will choose one automatically. It is impossible to predict an AZ, which will be elected by the Cloud – consistency of choice is not guaranteed. Confirm the action to proceed.

By clicking on the link with the name of the virtual switch you can see additional information about instances, attached to it.


Operations with network interfaces

The “Network interfaces” tab contains the list of network interfaces, created in this virtual switch.

More information about operation with network interfaces can be found in the “Network interfaces” section.

Deleting a virtual switch

Click button_2 to delete a virtual switch. The virtual switch will be deleted after your confirmation.