Route tables section

Route tables help to configure data traffic between internal networks (subnets) and external networks (Internet or office networks).


By default, when a VPC is created a new route table is added and marked as the main one.

Creating a new route table

CROC Cloud allows using multiple route tables but only one of them can be the main one. To create a new route table, click некартинка_22.

New route table will be added to the working area. Each route table gets a unique ID in rtb-XXXXXXXX format.

Associating a route table

Click некартинка_25 to associate a route table with one of available subnets.

Disassociating a route table

Click некартинка_25_1 to disassociate subnets from one or multiple route tables.

Setting a route table as main

Click некартинка_23 to make the created route table the main one.

Attention! There can be only one main route table!

Deleting a route table

Click некартинка_24 in the Route tables menu to delete a route table. The route table will be deleted after your confirmation.

Displaying route table properties

Click a link with unique ID to display detailed table information.

Adding a rule

You can add a rule to the route table by specifying the following:

  • Network – target network where data is directed to
  • Gateway – standard Internet gateway, VPN connection, instance or network interface

Click некартинка_26 to add a route rule for the specified subnet.

Deleting a route table rule

Click некартинка_27 to delete a route rule.