Network map section

Network Map shows locations of instances and network devices included in the virtual cloud network, and their relations. To view information about an element, just hover cursor over it. Double-clicking an element (instance or network) opens its page.


Instances are joined in a group (VMs group) within the same network. The number of instances included into the VMs group is indicated in brackets. Double-clicking a group of instances opens more detailed map of this group of instances. To go back, double-click any empty area of the map.


CROC Cloud supports saving the network map as .PNG image by clicking Сохранить как изображение. You can zoom the network map in and out by scrolling.

You can drag an element across working area for better visual interpretation by holding it with left mouse button.


The elements, which are manually arranged by user, automatically return to their original locations after reloading a page or switching to another section. Users are advised to immediately save their modified network map as an image.