DHCP Options section

CROC Cloud supports the creation of new DHCP server options. Empty set of DHCP options is created by default.


Setting DHCP options

Press некартинка_17 button to set a group of DHCP options.

In the DHCP options creation dialog window enter domain name and set necessary DHCP options. To finish, press некартинка_18.


Deleting DHCP options

To delete a set of DHCP options from the list, press некартинка_19 button. The set of options will be deleted after your confirmation.

DHCP options association

The created set of DHCP options can be associated with any VPC. Click некартинка_20, select a VPC in the dialog window and confirm association of the set of options.


Resetting DHCP options

To associate default DHCP options, reset the created set of options by clicking некартинка_21.