Connection to Windows instance

To connect to the instance with Windows OS via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) you should:

  • allow an access from external network to the necessary port (3389 by default);
  • assign a public address to the instance;
  • connect via RDP-client;


An instance should be created from one of CROC Cloud templates

Adding an allow rule

In the side menu select the security group, assigned to the instance. On the page appeared choose “Ingress rules” tab and add the allow rule for the 3389 port:

Associating a public address

In the Addresses section you should Allocate address and Associate address with Windows instance

Connection to an instance

To connect to the instance you can use any RDP client. Specify the Windows instance public address as the IP-address for RDP connection.

Standard login is Administrator
Password - you should set it during the first login, using the Remote console. You can open it from the instance information page