CROC Cloud Management ConsoleΒΆ

Sign in, using the login and password of your account.

CROC Cloud users without administrative privileges have the following sections in their navigation menu:

  1. Console β€” operations with instances, volumes, and networks;
  2. Object storage β€” operations with buckets and objects;
  3. Monitoring β€” monitors your CROC Cloud resources in real time.

Use drop-down lists under the navigation menu to easily switch between projects as well as between private (VPC) and Non VPC clouds.

To display the VM instances included in VPC, select the corresponding cloud in private cloud switch.


To go to the list of VM instances, which are not included in any private clouds, select Non VPC in private cloud switch. This will cause some of menu items referring to VPC to be unshared.


Under the main menu, there is a list of subnets (when switching between VPCs), list of virtual switches, and placement groups.