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What extra services are delivered through a cloud platform?

Volumes are virtual block data storage devices. A system volume is automatically created at the VM instance launch and automatically deleted at the instance deletion. Sometimes there is a need to save data between launches of VM instances or just to have extra space (e.g. for database storage). In this case, additional volumes may be created and connected to the already running instance. For volume management, navigate to Volumes section or the instance details page.

The platform provides real external IP addresses. External IP addresses can be reserved and reallocated among running instances. For address management, navigate to Addresses section or the instance details page.

Virtual network is an isolated VM group in the data center. Access to virtual network machines is disabled by default. To enable access, specify rules explicitly. To create a new network, click Create a network in the main menu.

DHCP service is provided to all virtual network machines. When launching a VM from the template supporting this protocol, an internal IP address from some sub-network is automatically assigned to this VM. To allocate IP addresses independently or apply other L3 protocol, use virtual switches.

The platform allows for the creation of Private clouds with configurable virtual network addressing rules, Route, and VPN connections to enterprise network. Please see Private clouds section for more information.

VM instance availability in case of emergency is ensured by redundancy and distribution among computing nodes. Please see Placement groups section for more information.

Import/Export functions are used to easily import VM instances and their specific volumes from their existing environment to CROC Cloud Platform and export them back to local virtualization infrastructure.

Network Map displays graphic locations of instances and network devices included in virtual cloud network, and their interrelations.

Object storage section offers an object storage service compatible with Amazon S3 in terms of software interface. Buckets can be used to keep backup copies or data available over the Internet via HTTP. Static websites can also be created.

Hope you’ll enjoy using the CROC Cloud!