Cloud version: 16.0-CROC1

The new functionality - Activity log has appeared in this version of CROC Cloud. It allows to store and analyse users activity. In the Activity log there are new types of entities: Events and Trails.

Event is a record, describing an activity in detail (API request) which has done by a User. The Events are stored 30 days and are accessible via the API as well as in the “Activity log” section of the web interface: in the table and in JSON or CSV format files, available for downloading.

We recommend to use Trails for a long term storage of Events.

Trail saves archives containing a big number of Events in the specified by a user bucket of the Object storage. The data is saved every 5 minutes.


By default, the access to the Activity log service is disabled for all users. You can change permissions for this service in the Users and projects section by adding the Activity log permissions to a user for any project or by adding a user with CloudTrail administrator role to any project.


Activity log permissions and CloudTrail administrator role allow users to control events in all projects of the customer, no matter for which project they’ve been given.

Web interface changes

  • The new Activity Log page is added. You’ll be able to:

    • Events management

      • Get a list of Events with or without using different filters
      • Get the Events in JSON or CSV format applying different filters
    • Trails management

      • Create/delete/update Trail
      • Enable/disable the saving of Events in the bucket of object storage
  • We have added a variable, containing URL of the CloudTrail API to the API settings, that you download on the user settings page.


For more information about new service, see Activity log and CloudTrail API sections of documentation.