Cloud version: 14.1-CROC1

The new section Billing is added in the latest update. It is available for users with Billing service grant.

This new section contains some features:

  • The subscription to billing events (test period has been finished, resources have been blocked, for specified period spending limit has been exceeded the sum of money)
  • The redesigned section of getting billing reports
  • Actual customer’s rates and balance

More information can be found in the documentation

New CPU instruction set

Now the following instance types support avx CPU instruction set:

m1.* c1.*
m2.* c2.*

The following instance types support avx2, avx512cd, avx512f CPU instruction sets:

m3.* c3.* x3.* r3.*
m4.* c4.* x4.* r4.*

To enable the support of new CPU instruction sets, you have to stop and start the instance. For new instances these instruction sets will be available at once.