Migrate access rules to the Security Groups

  • When CROC Cloud update, all the rules will moved to conform rules in the appropriate Security Groups.
  • Membership of the appropriate subnets for existing resources is preserved, the number of Security Groups will be equal to the number of subnets.

Example migration for subnets and rules


  • The subnet with the allow rules:
    • icmp
    • tcp/80 from
  • The subnet with the allow rule:
    • tcp/22 from
    • tcp/80 from
    • tcp/433 from subnet-XXXXXXXX (subnet ID


  • 2 new Security Groups:
    • sg-XXXXXXXX with name rules-subnet- (was appointed from [1]
    • sg-YYYYYYYY with name rules-subnet- (has appointed [2]

Example migration for switches


  • Security group sg-XXXXXXXX
    • type: interconnect
    • security group name: my virtual switch


  • Switch sw-XXXXXXXX
    • switch name: my virtual switch
[1]sg-XXXXXXXX has rules that were in the settings for
[2]sg-YYYYYYYY has rules that were in the settings for